VOA60: June 1, 2023のメモ


In Moldova, European leaders meet with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky at a security gathering where he pressed for more weapons and NATO membership.

▼Moldova ウクライナの隣にある国

▼security 防衛, 安全保障
▼gathering 集まり, つどい, 集会
▼press for O Oを強く求める, 迫る
▼membership 〔団体などの〕会員であること, 会員権;会員の身分[地位]

In Japan, U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin meets with Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida to discuss North Korea, China and the war in Ukraine.

▼U.S. Defense Secretary アメリカ合衆国国防長官

North Korean media release pictures and admit the failure of the country’s first military satellite launch Wednesday. Officials promised another launch.

▼release 〈情報など〉を公開する, 公表する(publish)

And India’s Interior Minister Amit Shah announces an investigation into ethnic violence in Manipur state that killed more than 60 people last month.

▼Interior Minister 内務大臣、内相
▼ethnic violence 民族(間の)抗争