VOA60: May 18, 2023のメモ


In Japan, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida holds talks with U.S. President Joe Biden as Group of Seven leaders gather in Hiroshima.

hold talks(with O ) (O と)会談する、meet (with) Oと同じ。
hold talks [meet] with the leaders of foreign countries 外国の首脳と会談する。

Chilean lawmakers approve higher taxes and fees on mining companies. Chile is the world’s largest copper and second largest lithium producer.

Chilean チリ人、チリ(人)の
lawmaker 立法者;⦅主に米⦆立法府の議員(legislator)
copper 銅
lithium リチウム

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres welcomes a 60-day extension of a deal between Ukraine and Russia to continue shipping grain on the Black Sea.

the United Nations Secretary General 国連事務総長

the Black Sea 黒海

And in Sierra Leone, President Julius Maada Bio expresses hope that a new African negotiation effort can help end Russia’s war in Ukraine.

Sierra Leone シエラレオネ《アフリカ西部の国;公式英名 the Republic of Sierra Leone;首都Freetown》


In the sentence you provided earlier, “end” is used as a noun and not as the base form of the verb “to end”. The base form of a verb is also known as the infinitive and is often used with the particle “to” (e.g. “to end”). Is there anything else you would like to know?

endが名詞だとすると、明らかに名詞であるRussia’s war in Ukraineの役割がわからない。endが名詞だとすると、Russia’s war in Ukraineは文法的にどう説明できますかと尋ねると、以下の解答を受けた。

In the sentence you provided earlier, “Russia’s war in Ukraine” is a noun phrase that acts as the object of the verb “help”. The noun phrase consists of the possessive noun “Russia’s” followed by the noun “war” and the prepositional phrase “in Ukraine” which provides additional information about the location of the war. Is there anything else you would like to know?

bingのAIによると、“Russia’s war in Ukraine”はhelpの目的語のようだ。