VOA60: May 15,2023のメモ


In Thailand, the leader of the opposition Move Forward Party says at least five other parties are in talks to form a coalition government.

▼Move Forward Party 「前進党」

▼in talks to 《be ~》~する話し合い[交渉・協議]をしている[の最中である]

▼coalition 連立、提携
form a coalition cabinet [government]|連立内閣[政権]をつくる

In Turkey’s presidential election, no candidate received 50 percent of the vote, so a second round will be held on May 28.

▼receive __% of the vote _%得票する[の票を得る]

The U.S. government says the number of migrants trying to illegally enter the country fell after COVID-19 emergency measures ended.

▼fall (温度・値段・数量などが)下がる, 減る
The temperature has fallen to five degrees. [V+to+名]|温度が 5 度まで下がった

And in Britain, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy meets with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to seek military support for Ukraine’s war against Russia.

▼meet with O ⦅主に米⦆O〈人〉と約束して面談する, 公式[正式]に会う《◆いろいろ準備を整えて「会う, 面談する」の意》

The prime minister met with the ambassador yesterday.首相は昨日大使と会談した.